I have recently been pointed towards a help page written by Microsoft with a wealth of information regarding BizTalk Server 2013 which I was unaware of (thanks to Kundan Karma in the LinkedIn BizTalk Elite group) – http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-US/library/jj248691(v=bts.80).aspx

What with all us bloggers writing about the release of BizTalk 2013 Beta I found that the help page was nowhere to be seen on google without just the right keywords. It contains very detailed information on usage of new adapters and known bugs (I doubt anyone has been able to deduce yet that BizTalk Server 2013 doesn’t perform as well as it’s 2010 counterpart when dealing with large messages so its good to see this information available).

For all the pioneers who have been fiddling with the beta in the dark, there is now a great resource available for you to do so in a methodical manner and not just about all the new features, but how to use them as well. Thanks Microsoft.