The thing I like best about working on group projects is the fact that you get to pick up some really good tricks from others that you didn’t previously know about but they might just take for granted. On my current project I had my young and bright colleague Shikhar Bhagat show me a trick with the BizTalk 2010 (not sure if this applies to previous versions) map designer that just floored me and is sure to improve my productivity when developing maps in a huge way. I thought it a good idea to share this trick so that others who might have no idea that this is possible can benefit from it.

Oftentimes with maps we end up doing a round of development and testing only to find that we have linked the wrong elements from the source to the destination nodes or that we’ve used the wrong functoids (I remember that some previous versions of the mapping designer allowed you to overwrite functoids by dragging and dropping another functoid over an existing one but this doesn’t appear to be possible from BizTalk 2010 onwards). When dealing with complex schemas and maps it can be especially hard to make the corrections, especially if you have to delete the current link and then draw in the new link, possibly forgetting how things link up.

Luckily Shikhar showed me that this is not at all necessary (at least in BizTalk Server 2010/Visual Studio 2010). When wanting to move the source or the destination of a link, all you have to do is focus on the link by clicking on it, then drag and drop the little blue square at the beginning or end of the link (if the source/destination of your link is a schema element then you will see the little blue square at the border of your schema pane) to the desired source/destination. I hope the below video helps to illustrate my point.