I was recently introducing someone to the BRE Pipeline Framework project, which I released on codeplex over a year ago and has seen multiple major version updates since then, when I realized that the documentation was severely hard to understand, and delved straight into advanced concepts rather than introduce simple concepts first and have separate sections for complex concepts.  There were also a lot of undocumented features and restrictions which forced you to experiment with the framework to understand how to use it properly.

Given this I revisited the front page and the documentation page of the codeplex site and have rewritten them altogether with simpler concepts up top, and advanced concepts which are only required in complex scenarios further down the page.  I have also updated the discussion thread that lists all blog posts regarding the framework covering some advanced usage scenarios of the framework.

If you are interested in the framework but have been put off by its documentation in the past, or you just want to understand how it works better, then I encourage you to give the codeplex site another look.  As always I am open to constructive feedback and criticism.